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Who are we?

We are Unified Lime Networks. Thriving to help your small business left in the shade amongst bigger brands, we refresh, or even start from scratch, your company’s online appearance.

With a new, and professionally tailored logo, website, domain name, email address, and even slogan, your business will become the one overshadowing those huge competitors you’ve always feared, turning the tables right around.

Digital Marketing

Increasing your leads with our associated Digital Marketing Agency, Bachus Media.

Web Development

We create a fluid site optimised for any device, with the highest of industry standards.


Rest assured that with our expertise, your business will be 1st on any Search Engine.


Closely monitoring your progress, we know if, and when, we need to change something.

How can technology help your business?

Leveraging modern technology has proven to be the key to success, on countless occasions.

A lot of people run their businesses using referrals and word of mouth, which ultimately bottlenecks their ability to expand.

No matter how successful or unsuccessful entrepreneurs are, there is one aspect that is heavily neglected in business... Online presence.

The Solution To Your Success

Your Company Name

Web Development | Appearance

With so many entrepreneurs cramming themselves into a highly saturated market, we help you with the bare necessity of standing out, to survive all the competition.


Potential customers demand beautifully designed, interactive, and fluid websites that load within a second, to satisfy their impatience. Having such strict consumers makes it clear that just having a website, will NOT cut it.

Did you know?...


Over 38% of viewers will leave your website immediately, if they do not find the website attractive, or it doesn't load quick enough.

- 38% Potential Revenue

Domain & Email Address | Professionalism

Today, when unreliable businesses are a wide-spread issue, people are becoming increasingly reluctant and picky with their trust towards companies.


Other than maintaining a professional website, having an email address with your company's very own domain name, is a huge step in providing authenticity to your current & potential customers.

Why not use public email services?


Whilst Gmail, Yahoo, and others provide an excellent service, having a domain unique to your business increases your potential on an immense scale.

Up to

+ 300% Consumer Interest

by image of trust.

Graphic Design | Impression

"First Impressions Matter"


The phrase is as pure as can be. Imagery is undoubtedly an importance for your first impression.


With consumers making a judgement of trust on your business within seconds, having a logo designed by a professional is of utmost importance.


with the right colours, sizes, proportions, positioning, and so much more to factor, our experts will handle it all.

Why is a logo so important?...


Your first impression is an absolute priority when it comes to new customers.


Statistically, consumers will conclude their first impression of your logo within 10 seconds!

10 Seconds!

Is social media really that useful?


Of course!


With social media growing at an exponential rate on a daily basis, it is what the final key to your success lies within.

¹ Return On investment

3× ROI ¹ Foreseen

Digital Marketing | Social Exposure

After having a fully rebranded business, we highly suggest starting digital marketing with us.


Continuous updates to your social media pages, website, and promotions, means our unique service will set you on a carriageway to success.

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About ULN

Offering rebranding, and digital marketing services, ULN (Unified Lime Networks) thrives to help your small business.

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No longer is the worry of being left in the shade amongst bigger brands. We will turn the tables right around.

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3× ROI

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